White Magic Spell To Make Someone Fall In Love

White Magic Spell To Make Someone Fall In Love

We need love as much as we need food and water to keep us alive. Food and water is needed for the growth of the body but love is need for the soul. Life without love is like food without any salt or ingredient – tasteless. If you are in love with someone but somehow not confident enough to express it to them or whether you are too shy or too scared of the result then you can use a shortcut. The white magic spells can be very beneficial for you in this case. Many people have used the power of white magic in creating a successful love life. The difference between white and black magic is that black magic use the harmful and negative energies for the benefit of someone. People use to do illegal or selfish acts in black magic like hypnotising, punishing, mind controlling, ruining someone’s career etc. In comparison to the black magic, the white magic is harmless form of magic. White Magic Spell To Make Someone Fall In Love


White Magic To Make Someone Love You

In this people use only the positive cosmic energy of the universe. And this magic does not leave any black mark on your soul or does not create any negative karmic account. Whereas the black magic will show you the desired results but it will leave deep black stains on your soul. Which will trouble you later. By using the white magic spell to make someone fall in love with you, there will be no mind control or hypnotising of the other person instead he/she will attract towards the natural positivity and virtues of your soul. The other benefit of this spell is that it will not harm you if you leave the ritual or spell in between.  If you want to make someone fall in love with you by using the power of white magic then you have to follow the certain steps.

Follow these ritual and white magic spell to make someone fall in love

Destro vucive glasis staia vinfala destr venive glasic stave enfaala keeschede seede nio caanun keeschede senou ni exceede caanun in fenunas da bau nunic cas nunic senon canui nis dema phesto mikra nomo penju helu densa pena kou.

  • After you recite the spell take a deep breath and inhale as deeply as you could. When you inhale imagine that the all the positive and lovefull energies in the universe is coming inside your body and soul.
  • Exhale and again repeat the spell and inhaling 20 times.
  • Now recite the following white magic spell to make someone fall in love:

Phesmigo valchu tesa veu des mento felso mena kamso aliza tomas heja komas tora hinas finjio melo hensu felcia veng holas sento keesta pelko henta vu boi senta mekla hoima mola nepa nokas delda hoina baisoi noima mela tomas henta lemta.

  • After reading the spell exhale your breath as deep as you want and imagine that all the positive and loveful energy of your soul is going into the soul of your crush.
  • Inhale and again repeat the spell and exhaling 20 times.
  • These ritual and spells will exchange positive and lovefull emotions and energies between both the souls.
  • Now take those flowers and put them in a bowl of water for 2 hours. After that remove all the flowers and give that water to the plants.

If you do this exercise for 20 days then your crush you fall in love with you very shortly by the power of white magic spell.

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