Strongest Dua Or Wazifa For Lost Love Back

Strongest Dua Or Wazifa For Lost Love Back

Love is the most beautiful thing in this world where two souls become one. These two souls decide to spend the rest of their life with each other in every thick and thin, happiness and sorrow, ups and downs in their lives. It is necessary to have someone in our life that listens to our problems, stands with us during the tough times or motivates us in the time of need. The most important thing in the life of an individual is love. Although the food is necessary for the functioning of the body love is necessary for the functioning of the soul. Without a partner, life is tasteless, dull, colorless, lonely and worth not living. Having a partner is the best feeling in the world but is hurts the most when that person is no longer with you. There can be any reason for a break or separation. Strongest Dua Or Wazifa For Lost Love Back. dua for love to come back. dua for love to come back

Strongest Dua Or Wazifa For Lost Love Back
Strongest Dua Or Wazifa For Lost Love Back

Dua Or Wazifa For Lost Love Back

Sometimes your partner starts to lose interest in you, starts seeing another person behind your back. Cheats you or stop caring about you. All these things lead to only one thing: to break up. The feeling of losing your lover is one of the worst things in this world and we all try to avoid that feeling at any cost. So if you are going through the same phase or situation than you do not have to worry at all. You can take the help of Dua or Wazifa in order to get your lost love back. By using the power of Dua or Wazifa you can control your partner or make him/her attracted towards you even more. On this platform. We will provide you the best advice to heal your relationship and bring back your true love by the help of the strongest Dua and Wazifa. most powerful dua for love back

Dua To Get Lost Love Back

While using Dua or Wazifa we repeat or recite a particular phrase or lines for a particular number of times. The word Wazifa is an Arabian word which means “to employ” to English. While reciting wazifa we ask Allah to fulfill our desires or needs whether selfish or selfless. In wazifa, the words are taken from the holy text but all the words are not mentioned in the Sunnah. The main difference between a Dua or wazifa is that while making a dua. We use our own words or lines or phrases which have been already described in the Sunnah. dua to put love in someone’s heart

et’s learn the strongest dua for lost love back. Follow these steps in order to bring back your lost love:

  • Take a photo of your lover and wrap it with a red cloth. Put the photo on the floor and light four candles on each corner of the photo.dua for someone to come back to you
  • After that put an onion on top of the photo of your lover.
  • Light all the candles and recite the following dua 40 times:

Inna Lamusi Mushi Ruhisa Ughria Amona Bal Nais Nu Mais Ramana Afire Aytumu Faizi Ladhee Tashi Rabina Antrim Anzus Mutis Fizur Ilaahi Rackham Ilahi Nijumi Fildahi Hussain Altu Mohu Minas L-Muzni Ami Nainu L-Munoz Ilona Lawiz Nasai Fi.

  • Now go near a tree after dark and recite the following Dua 5 times while holding the onion on your right hand:

Quli Hawa Ladhi Dharas Wakum Fesi L-Ardi Wahi Ilahi Tuis Sharina Wa Yaqulona Mata Hadha L-Wadi Insi Kunu Tumi adiq Feena Quli Inama Ilmu `Indas Laahi Wahid Inama Ana Nadhir Herun Mubees Nuni Falai Hima Rawhu Zulfi Zitan Seef. powerful dua for lost love

  • After that bury that onion near the tree.

If you follow this procedure for a time period of 25 days then your lost love will be back in your life by the power of this strong dua. Make sure to follow the rituals on time. dua for love in english

Now let’s explore the strongest Wazifa for lost love back. Follow these steps:

  • Take a black tabeez in your right hand and recite the following Wazifa 30 times:

Wuji Ilahi Vohu Ladi Heena Kafi Saroo Waqi Veela Hadha Ladhe Kuni Hitum Bihis Tadi Hussain Mushi Fiqar Rubal Vildahi Siroh Ilah Faiz Fizal  Yujir Feeru Kafir Heena Mino `Adhan Alimin Quli Hawa Maji Amani Bihis Waz `Alay Tawak Kalinaa Fasi Lamona.dua to make someone love you back

  • Now tie the tabeez on your right wrist for 5 hours. After that remove the tabeez, take it in your left hand and recite the following Wazifa 30 times:

Ina Iladin Yakhish Rabbas Humi Bil-Ghayubi Lahumi Maghi Firatuni Wajrun Kabirun Waq Asiroo Qawilakum Awis Ijharo Bihiwo Inahu `Alemun Bidhati L-udori Alaais Yalaimu Manso Khalaq Waqa Huwai L-Laifu L-Khabiru Huwa Lladi Jalam Hali. 

  • Now tie the tabeez on your left wrist for the next five hours.
  • Follow this procedure for a time period of 25 days and your lost love will be back in your life.

If you have any query then you can contact us for more information and consultancy. islamic dua to get love back






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