Spell Or Magic Spell For Break Up Problems

Spell Or Magic Spell For Break Up Problems

Do you want to learn the spell for break up with your girlfriend of boyfriend? Well we are happy to help you in this matter. A relationship is like beautiful fragrance of roses but if things are not going right then it can be very suffocating. There are many reasons for break ups like the couple is just constantly fighting with little issues and things are not getting better then it is better move on right? You can use the power of magic spell to remove your lover from your life. May be you just get into a relationship just for some fun with no intentions of being emotionally involved but what  you witnessed is that the opposite person getting too much emotionally attached to you. Now you start to wonder what I should do because you can’t marry him or her, the relationship was never serious for you. Spell Or Magic Spell For Break Up Problems. break up spells with lemon

Spell Or Magic Spell For Break Up Problems
Spell Or Magic Spell For Break Up Problems

Powerful spell for boyfriend back 

 So if you want to get rid of a possessive, attached, abusive or irritating love partner than you can thank these powerful magic spells for break up. Each word has its own powerful energy and vibrations with them.  The spells which we will use is from the ancient witch language which was are used to alter things in your favor and do things which people only heard in stories. Before you learn the magic spell for break up just make sure that you chant the spells slowly & clearly and also you have to perform some rituals on a specific time. Once you started the rituals do not quit in between otherwise random opposite or negative effects can harm you. The spirits of the old witches starts doing things according to your magic spells but they can be angry also. So make sure to follow the rituals respectfully and properly on time. So follow these steps for the spell or magic for break up. break up spells with vinegar oil and water break up spell

  • This process is to be done on the first day only. You have to get up at 5’o clock on the morning and make sure to arrange all the specified ingredients for the ritual to perform the spell or magic spell for break up.
  • Take a cauldron and add water in it. Now add rose petals, 3 drops of your sweat, red chili and juice of 1 squeezed lemon, 1 hair of your lover and sandalwood (Chandan) powder.
  • Now mix all the ingredients and chant the following spell 57 times:

Explodus picifimus clau rebosi malta boi howi siphos harma

Dominocas petrosa jennalo teresamo lisboano bendrasso mo

Explomus mentoso vandlo vito cenelo jolo factso mediator gus

Spellsso loviso sribanso destsomo morgrowso becno moto folo. break up spell chant free

  • Now what you have is a powerful mind altering potion with the submerged power of the witches.  what you will do now is meet your lover or invite him/her to your house. Now when you give him/her something to drink, add 5 drops of the potion in it.
  •  give him/her something to eat and add 7 drops of potion in the food.
  • Now the next step is that you have to borrow or steal one personal thing of your lover. For example: you take his/her handkerchief.
  • After you go home, take your foot sock and add her personal thing (handkerchief in this example) in the sock.
  • Now go near a tree, dig a hole and put a strong wood log in it vertically. After that place the sock on the top of wood and add 10 drops of water on it.
  •  recite these following magic spell for break up:

Phasmatos spiritus revertum corpus soelteros mentum mente Jaryakat a zem Daryeet acza Jaryakat is vido, ses malit vaslie. how long does a break up spell take to work lime break up spell

  • Recite this magic spell for 5 minutes daily in the night after dark.

Follow this ritual and magic spell for break up for 15 days and you will get break up very soon. break up spells using lemon and cayenne pepper


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