Powerful Spells To Break Up A Couple

Powerful Spells To Break Up A Couple

Being with someone is the most beautiful feeling ever. Seeing your love being far from you is the worst feeling ever? How did you feel when your lover was with you. Felt for you as love is the most beautiful feeling between two people. It is expressed through eyes and we feel an immense care and respect for the person we love. Love makes us joyful and we feel excited for every work to be done. But sometimes we get to know that the partner we chose, shares the same feelings with another person. And the bond we share with each other fades away its beauty day by day. This thing hurts the most and sometimes we are not in a condition to face these situations. Powerful Spells To Break Up A Couple

Powerful Spells To Break Up A Couple
Powerful Spells To Break Up A Couple

Spells To Break Up A Couple

This is the one scenario and if we talk about other scenarios we see that sometimes our brother or sister or someone close to us is in a relationship with a person who does not deserve to be loved. Because sometimes the other person does not understand the value of being loved and totally ignores the thing he gets from his partner. Respect is the most important thing that should be given to every person and the person who loves you should be respected more. And sometimes if the person understands that something is going wrong in his/her relationship then he tries to find a way to get out of the relationship but it does not help because his/her partner does not allow him/her to go out of the relationship.

So here we to tell you the solution for this problem. We are providing the powerful spells to break up a couple:

So, it becomes our responsibility to take him/her out of that problem and give him/her a chance to survive with joy again. We need to break up that couple any how.

  • Go to a peaceful room at midnight.
  • Take a red coloured cloth and tie 7 knots on that cloth.
  • When you tie the knot make sure that you think about the couple you want to break up.
  • Put all the energies in those knots.
  • Recite the below mentioned spell:

“thumma iraji`i l-baṣaara karatayni ynqalib ilaykaa l-baaaru khasi’an wa huawa aserun wa qad zayannaa l-sama’ l-dunya bimaabea waja`alnahaa rujoman lil-shayani wa a`tadna laahum `adhabaa l-sa`eri wa lilladheena kafaroo bi rabihim `adhabu jahanamaa wabi’sa l-maeru idha ulqo feeha samii`o laha shaheaqan awa hiya taforua”

  • While reciting, visualize that the couple is getting apart from each other.
  • Visualize that the couple started fighting without any reason.
  • Now go near a tree and keep that red cloth under that tree.
  • Now the spell will start creating its effect on the couple because you have put all your energies in that spell and now it’s the turn of the universe to start creating its effect on the couple.
  • Repeat this process for one month and see the desired results.

Here we provide one spell to break up a couple:

  • Caste this spell on full moon day.
  • Take four candles and take a single photograph of the couple.
  • Take a piece a paper and write the names of the couple on the same side of that paper.
  • Mark the names with red ink.
  • Now put the photograph in front of you and fire all the 4 candles in front of the photograph.
  • Put the paper near the photograph.
  • Now switch off the lights and now chant the below mentioned spell for 41 times:

“ waa qaloo lawo kuna nasma`uaa awa na`qiluau maa kuna fe aṣḥabi l-sa`eri fa`tarafo bidhanbim fasqan li’aṣḥabi l-saa`eri ina lladhen yakhshawnaa rabahumbil-ghaya bilahuum maghfiratunn wa’ajruun kaberun wa asiroo qawlakum awi ijharo bihi inahu `alemun bidhati l-udo”

  • Now tear the paper into two parts so that the two names getapart.
  • Tear the photograph of the couple into two pieces.
  • Noww blow the candles and visualize that there comes an unnecessary argument between the couple and they start getting apart from each other.
  • At the end of one month, go near a tree in the midnight and dig a pit and keep the candles, piece of papers and the pieces of the photograph in that pit.
  • If you repeat this process dedicatedly for one month then you can see the wonders happening, you get the desired results.
  • Make sure that you do not skip any single day.
  • If you do skip even a single day the you will not get the effective results.
Powerful Spells To Break Up A Couple
Powerful Spells To Break Up A Couple

These spells create an immense effect on the minds of the couple and they start fighting on unnecessary reasons and feel repulsion from each other.In the period of one month they find strong reason to stay apart and they breakup for that reason. And they live their life with their free will. Powerful Spells To Break Up A Couple

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