Lost Love Back by Islamic Dua or Wazifa

Lost Love Back By Islamic Dua or Wazifa

A wise man once said that “A life without love is a lie. We all are alone & empty and throughout our lives we try find people to fulfil that loneliness”. It is truly a blessing to find a good partner whom we can share the moments of love and joy. There is no greater feeling in this world than being loved by someone. Although it is also true that there is no worse feeling than losing your loved one or facing a break up or separation. The feeling of separation of losing your loved one sucks out the happiness &  joy of your life and your life can become empty and lonely as hell. Such feeling of emptiness can lead a person to anxiety, depression and many other negative emotions. So it is really important to have someone special in our life. Lost Love Back by Islamic Dua or Wazifa. wedding wazifa

Lost Love Back by Islamic Dua or Wazifa
Lost Love Back by Islamic Dua or Wazifa

Lost Love Back

If you are one of those people who are going through a period of separation or break up and want to bring your love back to you then you can take the help of Islamic Dua and Wazifa. If followed properly these Islamic Dua or Wazifa can create wonders in your life. But first of all you need to understand what are Dua and Wazifa. wazifa to get lost love back

Dua For Get Lost Love Back

          Wazifa’ is an Arabic words which means ‘to employ’. In wazifa people recite or speak some words, combination of words or phrases which is called wazifas. These wazifas are combination of highly powerful and spiritually encapsulated words. The wazifa is used in order to gain something or asking something from Allah. It is like a reward given to you by the almighty allah. The main difference between a Dua or wazifa is that while making dua, we use our own words or lines or phrases which are already described in Sunnah. In short, there are no hard rules in dua. It is like a child praying to god from his heart not knowing about any rules of prayer. It is like a more heart to heart conversation with allah. In wazifa, words can be taken from holy text but all of them are not mentioned in the Sunnah. dua to get lost love back

Wazifa For Get Lost Love Back

In a wazifa people are used to repeat or recite some lines a prescribed number of time and prescribed number of days. There can be some rituals which should be followed while reciting the lines. If all the things are followed properly then all your wishes and desires will come true and you will achieve or gain anything you want. The rituals in dau and wazifa should be perform at a particular place or environment. You should not perform it without the advice of an expert. dua for someone to come back to you

Now here we are providing you the right Islamic Dua for getting lost love back. Follow these steps:

  1. First of all take a photo of your lover and wrap it in a black cloth. Now hold the cloth in your hand recite the following Dua 31 times:

Allais nuhum zima lakui amdi la ilaha is anti rabee wana `abduki amainahantu bikas mukhsi nili ana lakia feeda dese neevu ine abi niatu `ala akasi nuwa wasi idika musa stani ulfati atobu ilayika minos saloi amalo  astafi gafufiroka faizu nikaha abi naki rehani. get my love back in 3 days

  1. Now before going to sleep, wrap that paper on your right hand and recite the following dua 10 times:

Alahi hunos ilate laayi yaghis nibu ruhani las antis fis reha nobi Rabi inees alais himtu nafisi almani kathira wazi lami yaghis rifirul dhunis bano ila antus fagisa firli maghinfiratani minos indika waris amino inaka antalis ghufuri rahim nafiso mushi rahi. most powerful dua for love back


  1. After that remove the cloth.
  2. Follow these steps for a time period of 1 month and your lost love will be back in your life.

Now here is the example to get your lost love back by Islamic Wazifa. Follow these steps:

  1. Take an onion in your right hand and recite the following wazifa 20 times:

waki ayati vihun lahumi annas zamali hinaa dhuris yatai vihum fitur l-fulkis l-mashuni wazi khalaqna lahim manis mithos valihi maazi yari kabon  waz inosi nasha nughri nahid riqis wohum falak rikhis wahido idha filos lahom waga laafi humin nibhu zakh. dua for lost love back

  1. Now go on a crowded place and throw the onion on the middle of the road and recite the following wazifa 1 time: wazifa to get love back soon

kainat ilahi ayatan wazida hidatan faida humis jamis zuhun ladas yunia musaro zoona falya huwma laazut tulami sui nafis unis shahin wazi la tujiza wiwna ila masi kunta tamale soona  inas sabas janatis l-yawi feezu shughi nulin fakisa huna ziha hu. dua to make someone love you back

Follow these steps for a time period of 1 month and your lost love will be back in your life. most powerful dua for love back

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