Islamic Dua and Wazifa

IslamicDua and Wazifa

If want to gather the complete details and information about Islmic Dua and Wazifa. Then you are at the perfect place. Everyone has so many wishes in life. Everybody wants a good job, good spouse, good house, someone wants true love etc. The list will never ending, so does our wishes. Sometimes situations do not happen in your favour instead they went completely opposite. Whether it is regarding job, health, relationships, money etc. At that moment when things are not going your way and you are facing many obstacles and problems. Then you become sad, angry and depressed. Everybody wants to shape his life in the best way possible. But we don’t always gets what we wanted because our destiny is controlled by the will of almighty Allah. Islamic Dua and Wazifa

Islamic Dua and Wazifa
Islamic Dua and Wazifa

Powerful Wazifa for Hajat

Almighty Allah who is the supreme power of the world is the puppet master of our destiny and he can do whatever he wants to do with our life. So if everything is all ready predestined how can we change our destiny? Well here is the best part that the Islamic Dua or Wazfia are like applications written to the supreme and almighty authority and by his grace. You can alter the situations and consequences of your life just in the blink of an eye. So let’s discuss what are Islamic Dua and Wazifa. As you all know that Islam is one of the most powerful and holy religion in the world. Dua is an integral part of it. Dua is like knocking at the door of the almighty Allah and requesting him anything you would like to receive or happen in life.

Islamic Dua and Wazifa
Islamic Dua and Wazifa

Muslim Dua!!!Mohabbat Ka Wazifa

The special thing about Dua is that you can use your own words. Lines or phrases whatever you want to ask. These words or phrase can be recommended to use by the experts. And they are also added in the established Sunnah. Whenever you feel anxious, depressed, angry, hurt then you can ask allah for the solution using Dua. You can use the already prescribed Duas which were told by the prophets (by the permission of the almighty Allah) or simply ask him using your own words as you like. Now let’s discuss about wazfia’s. Wazifa is an Arabic word and the real meaning of wazfia is ‘to employ’.

Islamic Dua Or Wazifa For All Life Problem

The main difference between dua and wazifa is that you can use your own words or phrases while using dua but in the wazifa you have to recite or speak some powerfully energized words in specific number of times. Although sometimes the words we use in wazifa may have taken from Islamic texts like Holy Quran etc but in the way which they are used doesn’t have a basis in the Sunnah. In the process of reciting wazifa you have to recite a specific number of words or lines in a specific number of times for specific number of days. Also there are some rituals involved while performing it. So both Duas and Wazifas are use to gain or attain something in our life by reciting or chanting some words by the grace of Allah.

Islamic Dua and Wazifa
Islamic Dua and Wazifa
Islamic Dua Or Wazifa Or Taweez

Now we will discuss the way these Dua and Wazfias work with some rituals. The world is not just physical as we look it with our eyes (which is all matter made of atoms). There is also another invisible world around us which cannot be seen from our eyes. This universe is called cosmic universe. There are energies and vibrations all around use which cannot be seen by our naked eyes. Only the almighty Allah and prophets or some highly elevated souls can see this cosmic world. We all people also carry an energy level and vibrations with us. If we accumulate and understand the power of this energy than we can use it alter our fortunes, control the mind of any person, become rich, improve our health and do almost everything as we desire.

Islamic Wazifa Or Dua For Solve All Life Problem

Each and every word we use as energy level attached to it. The words in Islamic text which are used in Duas and Wazifas encapsulated with high energy. When we make a Dua or read Wazfia then these powerful words radiates into the cosmic world and reach to the almighty Allah who is the creator and controller of this world and our destiny. As your wishes to into the world it reflects back and converts into the situations or desires you want. The cosmic world is like a machine. Give it the inputs of the energy of Dua or Wazifa and it will give grant your every wish after the approval of allah.

 Dua and Wazifa has been used from a long time in getting health, wealth, happiness, controlling someone, amending relationships, gaining children etc. On this platform you can learn the art of making Dua and Wazifas and the rituals used in order to achieve anything you want.


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