How To Get My Lost Love Back By Islamic Dua Wazifa

How To Get My Lost Love Back By Islamic Wazifa

Love is an essential element of life. Life is not life without a partner. Life can be hell or heaven which is dependent upon the love factor or your life. If there is love then your life is hell. But without love it will become a living example of hell on earth. Islamic wazifa is something which can change our fortunes lines completely. These Islamic wazifa are most commonly used by people in order to get their loved one back in their life. Falling in love and facing break ups are the part of our life. But the terrible feeling of break up leaves very deep scars and wounds in our heart. A person who goes through break up becomes emotionally vulnerable and weak. How To Get My Lost Love Back By Islamic Dua Wazifa. dua to get lost love back

How To Get My Lost Love Back By Islamic Dua Wazifa
How To Get My Lost Love Back By Islamic Dua Wazifa

Islamic Wazifa To Get Lost Love Back

It is not easy to live without someone whom you have spent a lot of time. With and shared so much loving memories. By remembering those things, a person can go into the deep dark pits of depression and anxiety. If someone is going through this emotionally fragile state then his health becomes poor. He lose interest in other things, feels difficult to concentrate on his work. Or business and his relationships with other people also becomes poor. If you are going through the same phase in your life. And want to bring back your lost love in your life back than we are happy to help you. We are going to provide you the Islamic Wazifa and rituals by which you will be able to bring back your lost love in your life. Follow these steps: most powerful dua for love back

  • Take the photo of your lover and put a red candle on top of it and light the candle.
  • Now recite the following Islamic wazifa 100 times:

Am yaru sa wai lakadi lakhum mina vaksila tamaru yashifa ilahi fakwaha jan dun nushuru manabika anitum iladhi kanas fakia huas haya inahu lihas mehandi quli hinas sirata nidhar amani mubika wila am i-sama lukum hiba sema man siha vila. dua to put love in someone’s heart

  • Now go near an alone place and burn 5 pieces of wood and add a red cloth in it.
  • Now burn the fire and recite the following Islamic wazifa 10 times:

Mubinu nadhira zulfia tadas quli kufaru hala afami ahida vela ilahi jindan yaruzu amiska yamshi hinas falana ilahi ilama tarusam wilah himas lahu alahi tawaka sihani wanufurin amiska hitawan mohsina mintozir nidahas yami walah vih sia. wazifa to get back lost love

  • Follow this ritual for a time period of 1 month and your lost love will be back in your life very soon. quran dua for marriage

Here we are providing you another ritual and Islamic Wazifa to get your lost love back in your life. Follow these steps:

  • Take a banana leaf, sandalwood powder, water and pigeon feather. Now make a paste using sandalwood powder and water and write the following wazifa on the banana leaf using the feather:

Tashkuruna kantum ilahi kufaru wildah rahimani matis lakum hakisa nasuf wildahi siratini wujuha alayis dalani huva fiha dala quli hibas di kafaru nigar gilah hibas kuntum inda walahi vildoh lakimu ismail muzeeb himu tada quli wizu faizu wi zubi. dua for someone to come back to you

  • Now go near a tree, fold the leaf and bury it near the tree. Now recite the following wazifa 15 times:

Kafya bikami i-harda alamuni mina qabila fakaya sima amah yatasluna wal-jibala nisar yama simakh fatanu milah ziba wulda kanat fiha nibah anzah shida fuhi aliz mibah guli subat hima sida walah azimi ziwa suga awata awjaan gia alna wija. dua in islam to make someone fall in love with you

  • Follow this step for a time period of 1 month and your love will be back in your life.

By using the power of the wazifa, the mind and thought process of your lover will start to change. The energy will penetrate into his/her mind he/she will suddenly start to miss you. All the loving memories of you will start to emerge on his/her mind and he/she will be back in your life. dua to make someone love you back

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