Dua Or Wazifa To Remove Any Black Magic

Dua Or Wazifa To Remove Any Black Magic

Black magic is a very dark art by which people use to fulfill their selfish desires. Black magic is widely used in controlling other people’s mind. Achieving something, making someone hurt, making someone fall in love with you and many more things. In the black magic people use some rituals. Spell by which they can alter their destiny as well as the destiny of others. Sometimes your enemy can use the power of black magic against you. In order to make you his slave, control your mind. Gain your money or power or even kill you. If you are facing very negative type of thoughts. Feeling hard to asleep and there is constant anxiety in your mind. Then it is possible that your enemy is using black magic against you. Dua Or Wazifa To Remove Any Black Magic

Dua Or Wazifa To Remove Any Black Magic
Dua Or Wazifa To Remove Any Black Magic

Islamic Dua Or Wazifa To Remove Black Magic

Sometimes people see hallucinations and do things that were not thinking of doing. The art of black magic is very dangerous and difficult to avoid. If you facing the similar situations of black magic then you don’t have to worry. Islamic dua is the antidote of black magic. Once you start to recite the dua provided by us and perform certain rituals, all the negative effects of the black magic will be gone and your enemy won’t be able to do any kind of harm to you. So here we are providing you the dua to remove black magic. Follow these steps:

  • Go near a Banyan (Bargad) tree and put an animal bone wrapped in black cloth under the tree.
  • Take 2 red and 2 white candles and light all of them at each corner of the cloth.
  • Now recite the following Dua 50 times:

Idha waqasi waqi`ati liasa liwaaq atiha aadh ibaatun khafi atoon rafi`atun idha rujati rajin waq busati l-jibalu basan fakanat haba’ munbath-tha waq kuntami azwajan tha lathatan fa’abu l-mayminati wa’aibu l-mashimati ma abu zaid ilahi siaz.

  • Now take 10 rounds of the tree clock wise and 10 rounds anti-clock wise and recite the following Dua 50 times:

l-mashimati waq l-sabiqona l-sabijoa ola’ika l-muqara bonai  feeza janaati l-na`emi thulatuna minaz l-awalena waq qalenun minaz l-akhira alai sururina yaofu `alayhem wilda nun mukhai hilladona yataki hayarina waqila zimba noiba heba zi ziban ho.

  • Now bury the bone in the ground.
  • Follow this ritual for a time period of 2 weeks and the black magic done upon you will be removed completely.

Here we are providing you the second ritual and method of dua to remove black magic effect on you. Follow these steps:

  • Take a pot and fill it with hot water. Now add 3 drops of oil and 3 drops of your sweat in it.
  • Put the pot near a graveyard and recite the following Dua 20 times:

mimaa yashtahona warun `enun ka’amthali maknoni jaza’ bima kanoo ya`malona la yasma`ona feha laghwani waqa la ta’teman ila qelan sala man salaman waabu l-yameni abu l-yameni fei sidarin macho moodin wazi manzodin wailin zai jola.

  • After that throw the water of the pot near a tree and recite the following dua 10 times:

Kathe ratina laaz maqo atin waqa laai mamno`atin waq furushina marfo`atia ina ansha’nahunna insaa’ faja alnahnna abkaran urbani atraban abi l-yameni thulatun minas l-awalena  waq thulatun minas l-akhirena waq abu l-shimali maa ziam ha.

  • Now break the pot by dropping it on a hard surface.
  • If you follow this ritual for a time period of 15 days than all the powers of black magic will be removed.

By performing this ritual all the negative energy of black magic which were coming towards you will be blocked by the power of the dua. This dua will become a shield against those weapons and your enemy will be able to do nothing no matter how much effort he puts to put you down. The black magic will be removed and you will live a peaceful life.


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