Dua Or Wazifa To Make Someone Obey You

Dua Or Wazifa To Make Someone Obey You

Everyone likes to feel powerful and valuable. We calculate the power of a person by his position. If a person is in high or valuable position, people will obey his commands whatever he says. Every person wants to gain power because we like to be a commander of others. It feels good when people listen to us, follow our orders and do whatever we say. Making people obey is a king-like feeling. But in the reality things go the opposite way. People not just only reject or refuse our commands. Wishes or opinions but they sometimes take our words for granted too. When people does not listen to you, make fun of your opinions or wishes or refuse to obey then it leads to anger, hurt and frustration. Dua Or Wazifa To Make Someone Obey You. wazifa to make someone talk to you

Wazifa To Make Someone Obey You

Dua Or Wazifa To Make Someone Obey You
Dua Or Wazifa To Make Someone Obey You

If you are going through the same thing and you have a feeling that people does not obey you or listen to you. Than you can use the power of Dua-Wazifa to make someone obey you. It can be your husband/wife, lover, relative, boss, co-worker. Once you start reciting these Dua-Wazifas. Its tremendous power will control the mind of the victim and he/she will start listening to your each and every command. You can also take advantage of people by using it by gaining a promotion by controlling your boss. Making your spouse obeys you. It will make you feel powerful. So here we are providing you the Dua-Wazfia to make someone obey you. Follow these steps:  dua to make someone agree to what you say

  • Take the hair of your victim and put it in a diary with red cover. Put the hair of the victim on the 13th page of the diary.
  • After that recite the following Dua 100 times:

Allai lasia ailas lakoh willa huwas al-ayul qayoomu la-takh suhu hu-sinatu wala nawa mun lahus maa feel samaw awati wama feeza manto dhala dhees yashif indahi illa bidhi nihiz yalami maaka bayuna aydehim waq maaz khali fahim waq zai.

  • Wrap the diary with a black cloth and put an onion on top of it. After that recite the following Wazfia 75 times:

Iaas yugee tona bishayu ina minus `ilmiha ila bima sha’ wasi`ka kurisa siyuhu l-samawati wal-arau waqa laza ya’oduhu ifur uhuma wazi huwalu-`aliyu l-zeemu Amani al rasulu bima unzia ilayus minsa rabihi wala mumin sina nohi zi. dua to make someone change their mind

Now throw the onion outside the victim’s house. If the victim is in your family than put it under the side of the bed where he/she sleeps.

  • Follow this ritual for a time period of 1 month and the person will be in your control completely and he/she will start to obey you. dua to make someone talk to you

Here we are providing you another ritual of Dua-Wazifa to make someone obey you. Follow these steps:

  • Take a bowl of water and put a red cloth on it. Put the photo of your victim on the front of bowl and recite the following Dua 80 times: dua to make someone call you

Minsa rusul volihi wa qalo samiz `naaz waqa a`naaz ghufr manaka rabana waza ilayis l-maeru Laaz yukali fura Lahu nafsai ilaak wus`aha laha maaj kasubat waq `alay haaz ma kasabat Rabina laau toom akhin dina innasu wena azam bibo  wazifa to make someone do what you want

  • Take the picture of victim in your hands and recite the following wazifa 90 times:

Via’a rabi sana walata miluz `alayna iranu kam amali tahuz alahi willad hena minas qabli naaz rabban aasu waq laaz tuam milnak maak laahi aqati lanau bihisa waofu anai waghi firlana saru warida amina antai mawuza lana hitos jiosa waqa. dua to make someone like you

  • Give the water to the person to drink by mixing it in the water or milk or tea he will drink.
  • Follow this ritual for a time period of 1 month.
  • If you follow this ritual correctly, the victim’s consciousness will start to bend towards you and his/her mind will recognize you as a master and after that he/she will start to will obey your commands. wazifa to convince someone


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