Black Magic Spell To Get Or Bring Wife Back

Black Magic Spell To Get Or Bring Wife Back

Love and fights are the two sides of a single coin. If there is no fight in a marriage then certainly there is no love. If the nails on our fingers grow then we cut the nails, not the fingers. Similarly if there is a mistake or misunderstanding in a marriage. Then we should remove the problems instead of removing the person. When we are in a bond of marriage we expect certain things from each other and when we are unable to fulfill someone’s expectation, they gets hurt. Which leads to fights and misunderstanding. A man has to sacrifice so many things in order to maintain his marriage life. He to make a balance between his job and home, his personal life and professional life and even has to sacrifice his own wishes and needs in order to fulfill his family’s needs. If you are one of those people who tried their level best to work things out but they didn’t went really well and your wife has left you then you can learn the art of black magic on this platform. Black Magic Spell To Get Or Bring Wife Back

Black Magic Spell To Get Or Bring Wife Back
Black Magic Spell To Get Or Bring Wife Back

Powerfull Black Magic For Wife Back

 The black magic is a tantrik power in which one can achieve his desires by following certain types of rituals and reciting some powerful tantrik lines or wazifa. If you perform some given rituals at a specific time and recite some lines at specific time periods then the immense powers are generated through it and things starts going into your favor. You can hack into other’s people’s mind and put something into their sub-conscious.

Black Magic Spell To Get Or Bring Wife Back
Black Magic Spell To Get Or Bring Wife Back


This means the other person will do everything as you desire and command. So if your wife has left you and you want her back then this black magic tantra will bring her back in just a fraction of time. We will provide you some methods of black magic using which you can bring your wife back. This ritual would be performed into different times in a day. One important thing to mention here is that it will require your attention and hard work. Make sure to follow these told procedures on the given time frames. All you have to do is follow these certain rules:

  • Take the photo of your wife and wrap it with a red color handkerchief. Now hold the handkerchief in your left hand and recite these lines 100 times:


Allahumma a’innee ala dhikrika wa shukrika wa husnu ibadatik

Allahumma innee asaluka hubbaka wa hubbu man yuhibbuka

La ilaha illa anta subhanaka innee kuntu minaz zaalimeen

Quddus’ut tahiru min kulli sooin thumma ara karratayni yanqalib .

Tabaaraka lladhee biyadihi l-mulku wa huwa `alaa kulli shay’in qadeerun Alladhee khalaqa l-mawta wal-ḥayaata liyablookum ayyukum aḥsanu `amalan Wa huwa l-`azeezu l-ghafooru alladhee khalaqa sab`a samawaatin  ṭibaqan maa taraa fee khalqira mahi.

  • After that cut a slice of lemon and add black pepper onto it. Now recite the following lines:

wa laqad zayyannaa l-samaa’waja`alnaha rujooman lil-shayaani wa a`tadnaa lahum `adhaaba l-sa`eeri  wa lilladheena kafaroo bi rabbihim `adhaabu jahannama wabi’sa l-madeeru  idhaa ulqoo feehaa sami`oo lahaa shaheeqan wahi.

  • Now in the afternoon (between 12 noon to 4 pm)throw the lemon on a crowded road and wait until someone accidently put their foot on it. We suggest you put the lemon on a crowded place like a market because there will be more chances of it.
  • Now wait till someone steps their foot on it. If it happened then all the negative and harmful energy which were causing troubles in your relationship will start to vanish and your wife’s thoughts will start changing towards you.
  • After that pick up a diary at night (after 9 pm) and write this :

Bismi Llaahi l-raḥmaani l-raḥeem & (Your wife’s name)

  • After that recite these lines:

Ulqoo feehaa sami`oo lahaa shaheeqan wa hiya tafooru

Takaadu tamayyazu mina l-ghayzi kullamaa ulqiya feeha.

  • Now write again and recite the lines 100 times.
  • Each time you write your wife’s name and recite the lines, the immense powers of the magic will reach to the soul of your wife and it will enter in her sub-conscious mind.
  • All the emotions of anger, hatred and hurt will start to vanish from her soul and she will start missing you suddenly. All the good and lovefull memories of you will come back to her.

Follow all this step for 1 month and your wife will be back to you 100%

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