Black Magic Spell To Control Anyone Mind

Black Magic Spell To Control Anyone Mind

If they do not do it on your request then make them do it. This quote fits on the people who use the power of black magic to control other people’s thoughts, words, actions and behavior for their own gain. The art of black magic has been used from very long time in controlling other people. As we now that in today’s time no one is ready to listen to anyone’s opinions or order. Our children, wife, employees, boss, friends and so many other people do not always do as we want and when someone’s does not do as we want it creates a kind of anger and frustration. Sometimes people do not listen to you intentionally because they don’t like you or don’t want to see you happy. Black Magic Spell To Control Anyone Mind. black magic to control someone mind in hindi


Powerful Black Magic Spell To Control Anyone

If you want to take revenge from someone or want them to do something happen then you can use the power of black magic. It can be used in gaining promotion in job, attracting someone or getting someone’s love, taking advantage of other person, destroying your enemy and so many other possibilities. By using black magic you can make someone your slave and they will do everything as you command. You will become the master of some other person’s mind. So here we are providing you the ritual and method of black magic spell to control anyone. Follow these steps:

  • Take the hair and photo of the victim whom you want to control.
  • Put it on a parchment and place 4 candles on each corner of the parchment.
  • Now put the photo of the victim in the middle of the parchment and place her/her hair on it.
  • Now chant the following black magic spell 50 times:

Likos mero tenja nokora homik sor kens noreisa moke topa si no

Moch rot tik nomi piny ropi nokil ching sola nich moki ronti lokas

Goj bolika niposi rondika prido nik sio holi sou lik neuro pinjo si

Goliba ron simo hilo kola pincha moki cif nos ronda pinj roke si. white magic to control someone amavasya black magic

  • Now put a bowl of water near the candles and chant the following black magic spell:

Pikos romero holiz rokina ski romp jios hoi nikes romis gil roz si

Kil rom vij hola kenga som bil domba veldo homre kol likos si isi

Volda nik zolf ching nopera hondi si nira holiz pini rol hiso noni

Pilk sizo hypso lima nor min nocha hila gils vocha nilo sina vela. how to remove black magic medicine from stomach 

  • Give this water to your victim to drink. After he/she drinks it his/her mind will start to listen to your every command and he/she will be in your control completely.

We are providing you one more ritual and method of black magic spell to control anyone. Follow these steps:

  • Take a cloth of your victim like handkerchief, shirt etc.
  • Now go near a graveyard and put his cloth there. Put a tabeez on the cloth and chant the following black magic spell:

Limp sora kilo nups dora kimosa horz dil kiz rio holi jim sora his

Liz rizo kil pa mok sa dod jikla mikos roni loki jait puris lis nom

Rah enji musi fento kiloma nomera hajiz rompa linpoma kia roiz

Sher semjo rotika hom pi nios poliz don gri hol ta chimpo rois ni.

  • Now tie the tabeez in your right hand and chant the following black magic spell:

Viko silas voka hilja nopera milto nomi kin kola nobi rizu hoila si

Poli nokera penda kab eiz eko miso sivan koz ripa holta kelcha

Kablo kio tendra vol chu kel son jislo poku noi silja noli lui vin cil

Ratso dhik chelko melcheska koi peh desmon kilko hoi nio tiso. how to know if someone has done blackmagic on familyblack magic to keep someone away

Follow this ritual for 2 weeks and the victim’s mind will start to follow each and every order. He/she will become your slave and you will be able to make him/her do everything you want. black magic tips to control husband Pa


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