Best Muslim Astrologer In The World

Best Muslim Astrologer In The World

Astrology has a different place in every religion. In some religions, it is accepted and followed while it is not allowed in some religions. In the Hindu religion, astrology is widely practiced and accepted by people. People commonly use astrology before starting almost everything. For example before buying a home, starting a business or while looking for a partner, etc. While in Islam it is prohibited or banned. The reason for criticism or rejection of astrology. In Islam is because in Islam people believe that everything in this world is happening by the will and power of Allah. Allah is the most powerful of all and is the Malik (Owner) of the world so he has different plans for each of us. He has written our destiny for a purpose. Using Astrology in Islam is considered as bad or rebellious because it is like going against or not accepting the will of Allah. Best Muslim Astrologer In The World. top muslim astrologer

Best Muslim Astrologer In The World
Best Muslim Astrologer In The World

What is Astrology?

Although if you study it deeply, you will find that it is a whole other level of science. You can also say that it is a combination of science and spirituality. Let’s talk about how Astrology works. All the planets in the Solar system have a different energy level and our human being is living our life. On the basis of that energy roaming or living in us or you can say that we human beings are that energy. The word “being” in human beings is referred to as soul and the word “human” is derived from the word “humans” which is a Latin word which means “soil”. Our body is made of five elements (Earth, Fire, Wind, Water & Space) and the being or soul is the conscious energy that is used to drive this body like a driver driving a car. This consciousness is full of energy and this energy is our life force. The mind is always connected with the matter. The mind affects the matter and similarly, the matter affects the mind. islamic love astrologer

How do the planets affect our destiny?

The planets are a combination of matter and energy. Each planet has a different level of energy. Some planets are considered to be good (with positive energy. While some are considered to be very bad (full of negative energy). For example, the movement of “Vrahaspati” is considered to be very good while the movement of “Rahu” or “Shani” is considered to be very bad. As you know that there is an energy source in all of us which is used to attract different people or situations, controlling our thoughts or beliefs. Similarly, the planets which are full of energies affect our energy level which leads to change in our beliefs and change in destiny. muslim maulana astrologer

What is the role of Islamic Astrologer?

People take the help of an astrologer in order to know their future or situations or events which will take place. would like to know about their future partner, whether they should invest in some kind of business or career and many more as a precaution or preparation. People want to be prepared for it in advance. Some people want to change their future by the help of an expert Islamic Astrologer. The experienced Astrologers have the power and knowledge of changing or altering the future or destiny of a person. But it is not easy an astrologer of that level. It requires a tremendous amount of in-depth study and high concentration power in order to achieve that. The Islamic Astrologer often provides some accessories like tabeez or Stones to wear in the fingers. These stones similarly like the planets consist of different kinds and different amounts of energy. muslim astrologer near me

The solution to your entire problems

When we are constantly in the presence or touch with that energy of the stones, it affects our energy which will lead to change in our destiny. This change in the line of destiny will change the entire direction of our journey or future. On this platform, you will find the best and most experienced. Islamic Astrologers who are providing their services for more than 50 years. We have served thousands of people in this field with the most satisfying results and services. It is not easy to find a good and experienced astrologer in today’s time where people are doing anything in the name of astrology without having prior knowledge or experience. islamic muslim astrologer

There are many services in the field of Islamic Astrology like Islamic Vashikaran, black magic, Jadoo Tona, etc. and we have expertise in all the services with a 100% guarantee. If you have any query regarding this topic or you want to ask anything about your future life or events then you can contact us for more information and consultancy. We would be very happy to serve you. islamic vashikaran specialist






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